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The Light Bead Curtain – Ami Wolf and Jin-Yo Mok

  • On November 1, 2006

The Light Bead Curtain is an interactive musical installation that can be freely played by person’s touch. The installation takes the familiar form of a beaded curtain that consists of strings of simple clear beads. Each bead, on a users touch, lights itself and emits a unique sound. People play with the curtain by weaving their hands through it, touching it with their faces, and moving through it with their body. An environment of light and sound is created when people engage with the curtain.  Although the curtain is primarily meant to be played with by a person, each bead is controllable and programmable via a computer. In this manner, the curtain can function as an interactive display.

The Light Bead Curtain is currently being developed by Ami Wolf and Jin-Yo Mok


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