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This Happened

  • On September 25, 2007

Unfortunately I’m away in Canada at the ACADIA conference while  this event is being held but if your in London on the 2nd of October, check out This Happened organised by Chris O’Shea (Pixelsumo), Joel Gethin Lewis (United Visual Artists) and Andreas Muller (Nanika). This happened is a series of events focusing on the stories behind interaction design looking at process and experience more than just the final outcome. The speakers presenting at the upcoming event are listed below.

Crispin Jones

Crispin Jones
is a designer based in London. He will talk about the development of Tengu

Rory Hamilton
is a design consultant, former course leader of Interaction Design at RCA,

The Science Of
create science-based exhibitions and crossmedia products.

Massimo Banzi
is the co-fouder of the Arduino and the founder of Tinker.

Karsten Schmidt
(aka Toxi) is computational designer / artist and software developer.


  1. Stan

    Hi Im an architecture student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY. I am currently in my 5th year of school working on my thesis, I am focusing it on interactive architecture. (i know thats vague) I wasnt able to make it to the ACADIA conference in nova scotia however I was wondering if you are there, is there anyway possible for you to post / scan some of the relevent material. that is at the conference, or perhaps I can write an email to you directly.

    Thanks a lot
    your blog is awesome


  2. Hi Stan

    Well I’ll probably do some reporting but I’m not going to do anything too in depth. Theres plenty of existing information for you to work with if your doing a thesis, why do you feel like you need to use this conference?

    I’ll check if they are planning on putting the papers from the conference online and if they do, I’ll put a post about it online. Thanks for your kind words about my site

  3. Stan

    no reason in particular, im just trying to situate my aspect of research so if there was something more current people were working on it may help.

    So far the main people Ive been reading were Usman Haque however there arent many truely intereactive and spatial projects.

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