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Thomas Carpentier’s “The Measures of Man”

Thomas Carpentier’s  “The Measures of Man”

Thomas Carpentier is an architect interested into uses, rituals, ergonomics, body interactions, subversion as design process and communication strategies. The project “Measure(s) of Man: Architects’ Data Add-on” provides a new version of the Architects’ Data by Ernst Neufert, one that tries to better reflect the diversity in humanity and what the richness could produce when designing for them.


porte (15) porte (15)

Oscar(on the top)  is one of the fastest men on earth despite his physical difference. His athletic prostheses are designed only for running, not for walking or even turning. This stairway becomes a running track. Its angle is flattened and the stair edges are rounded.

Aimee (on the bottom) is an athlete, actress and model who is legless below the knee. Why not change her height to adapt her body to her environment? She becomes the architect of her own body.

escalier      David is a legless dancer. Unfortunately, he and his wife don’t live at the same altitude: he moves along the floor, and she is one meter higher. By raising David’s level, this furniture installation creates a continuous landscape where their bodies can interact and mingle without difference.porte (2)porte (4)Changing levels could be uncomfortable for David. To limit level changes, why not bring all the furnishings and sanitary fixtures to the same level? The result is a new architectural landscape that moves up and down from zero level.davidReferences:

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