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TurnOn – AWG

  • On June 12, 2005


Since 2001, the Austrian architecture and design firm AllesWirdGut (“everything will go well,” in German) has sought to explore less conventional ideas of housing. Invited to participate in a young-designer’s exhibition on living space in Vienna, the five-person firm began to rethink the idea of housing, ridding themselves of the typical blueprint of a ceiling, floor, and 4-walled structure. “We wanted something that was not only new but that would also be interactive and fun for the audience of the exhibition,” explains architect Herwig Spiegl.


Well they certainly manage that

TurnOn is a unique circular living module designed to accommodate multiple functions associated with the house. The modules are attached together, creating a cylinder-like space where each piece can literally be turned to alter its function. Various module types would be fabricated to reflect the multiple program elements of a house. ie: kitchen, bath, bedroom, etc.


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