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“Untitled (UFO)” – Peter Coffin + Cinimod Studio

  • On July 11, 2008


Untitled (UFO)” is an art project conceived by established New York artist Peter Coffin and created in collaboration with London-based Cinimod Studio. Coffin had for a while been wanting to create a public UFO flight performance, but it was not until he met Cinimod that he had the confidence to proceed with making his vision a reality. After an intense period of structural and electrical design, and fabrication, the UFO made its inaugural public appearance on 4th July 2008 as a part of the Gdansk Festival of Stars.

The overall UFO structure is 7 metres in diameter and manufactured of aluminum for lightness. 3000 bright and individually controllable Color Kinetics LED nodes have been arrayed across the structure and are controlled via a solid state computer. An on board 6 kw generator provides the system power, and the overall UFO can be remotely controlled via SMS messaging.


Found via Pixelsumo


  1. DannyMeringa

    I’ve seen this UFO art piece, and actually only live it gives the real impression of what it is. Really cool.

    from New York also this interesting project of green oasis on the top of an old warehouse roof, I imagine is gonna be a relevant point in the artistic scene there:

  2. Must be surreal to watch…plus, the lighting effects really contribute what it is trying to do. Would love to have seen it in person!

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