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Vectorial Elevation – Relational Architecture #4

  • On November 13, 2005

A few years old now but I’m researching how you can build space with light at the moment so I thought I’d put this up for posterity. Vectorial Elevation was an interactive artwork designed to transform the Zócalo square in Mexico City. Using a three dimensional interface this web site allowed you to design a light sculpture with 18 robotic searchlights located around the Plaza. A web page was made for each participant with photos from 3 webcams. The piece was unplugged on the 7th of January, 2000, after receiving hundreds of thousands of visits from 89 countries and all the regions of Mexico.

Unfortunately the website is also no longer online.


  1. Hi, thanks for covering my work. Just so that you know, we are in the process of switching servers so the Vectorial Elevation sites will be available again in a couple of weeks. Similar to that project, readers might be interested in this other one
    Come say hi if you are coming to Lincoln!

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