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An Evolutionary Architecture – John Frazer

  • On September 20, 2007

An Evolutionary Architecture by John Frazer is a fascinating book that has been out of print for some time. Fortunately it has been made freely available on the web to download and I recommend anyone who’s interesting in interactive and parametric design in architecture to have a look.  The book written in 1995 proposes a fundamental change in practice … ‘The role of the architect here, I think, is not so much to design a building or city as to catalyse them: to act that they may evolve.’ – Gordon Pask in his foreword.

Most of the book concentrates on the work of Diploma Unit 11 run by John and Julia Frazer (with Pete Silver and Guy Westbrook) between 1989 and 1996, but includes formative work by the author dating back to his diploma prize-winning project at the AA in 1969 and related research work at Cambridge University.


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Introduction (15.5 mb)

Section 1 (29 mb)
Section 2 (26 mb)
Postscript (7.5 mb)
Appendices (7.5 mb)


  1. fco

    Thanks a lot for this PDF’s!!

  2. ploomanshi

    hey, the animations links arent working, apart from that , thanks for for the frequent posts.
    Im about to start my first year at uni, and these page has helped tide me over till I start.
    thanks again

  3. Sorry about the animation links, i’ve just edited them out but you can find them on

    I’m glad its of use to you 🙂

  4. Gaurav Chadha

    sir, non of the links mentions above seem to be working..

    regards, gaurav

  5. juehao

    Wonderful! But unfortunately, links on AA Publications seem to be missing. Are they moved or removed?

  6. d3

    the PDF links are broken. 🙁
    can anyone does anyone still have the PDFs. i d be really interested.

  7. Yeah it looks like the AA have taken it off their website which is very sad because its a great book. I would love you upload it and host it myself but the book is big and would eat up my bandwidth plus its oh so very illegal. Email me using the contacts tab at the top and who knows, maybe i’ll find a way for you to get hold of it 😉

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