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Strategic Boredom – Molly Wright Steenson

  • On March 29, 2008


  • An Image of Pask’s Musicolour. The First Interactive Installation that had the potential to bored of people’s behaviour
  • Here’s a great lecture by Molly Wright Steenson on Strategic Bordom. There’s a write up here, by Regine on wmmna from a month ago and now there’s a full video of the lecture online – see below. Molly is currently completing a PhD in Architecture at the Princeton. She is also an interaction designer and design researcher with roots in web, mobile and service design. For more information check her blog out active social plastic here. Part of the talk looks at the important work explored by Gordon Pask in the 1950’s and 60’s on Boredom as a generator for interaction. As I have been doing all week, I will continue to shamelessly plug the current exhibition running in Vienna “Pask Present” exploring his influence in the arts and architecture.


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