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Architecture and Sound

  • On March 1, 2006

Tonight on the Subject of Architecture and Sound, John Bell, a lecturer at the Architectural Association London and director of transdisciplinary practice will be moderating a discussion on resonance104.4FM .

Usman Haque , Flow Motion, and Janek Schaefer will be taking part. If a podcast version of this comes out afterwards I'll add a link here. The entire talk can be listened to online at 19.00 – 21.00 GMT (22nd March)


Resonance104.4FM is London's radio art station. Its brief? To provide a radical alternative to the universal formulae of mainstream broadcasting. Resonance 104.4FM features programmes made by musicians, artists and critics who represent the diversity of London's arts scene, with regular weekly contributions from nearly two hundred musicians, artists, thinkers, critics, activists and instigators; plus numerous unique broadcasts by artists on the weekday ‘Clear Spot'.

Other Talks of interest coming up

  • 9th March “ Bending Technology, Novel Instruments – Discussion
  • 16th March “ In The Field, Location-based Sonic Art Projects – discussion
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    1. wayne

      would like to fimd out the lecture given about sound and architecture

    2. ben

      hello great subject im writing a paper on sound and its relation to architecture and would love this lecture in writing or audio.

    3. cassie

      Hi ben, I am writing my dissertation on aural architecture too. Did you manage to get hold of the lecture in writing or audio in the end? How are you getting on with the paper? Interesting subject hey!?

    4. ben

      hi Cassie no I haventy mannaged to get this paper but i have a few others I can email you if you want them? how is your coming?or have any papers to swap with me lol.
      I have left mine to the last minute like usual lol. how is your coming ?

    5. enrico varagnolo

      hey! i know that i’m in late, but does anybody know if the podcast or something like that exist?
      I’m quite involved in everything concern space and sound and if someone of you want to colaborate.. i’m here!
      read Touching the rock, John M Hull… it could help you guys..

    6. I suggest you contact resonance fm directly


    7. gugu

      hey ben.. i just want to know ur opinion bout my next exhibition with theme architecture and sound..still use our project models but need to present in this dramatic ways…

    8. Gemma

      Hi All,
      I’m researching this area for my dissertation aswell!
      If anyone can point me in the direction of any papers on this subject that you think shouldn’t be over looked please let me know!
      Really excited to see there are alot of other students thinking about architecture in this way.

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