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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Automated design using Genetic Algorithm

October 29, 2018 |

This paper is an exploration into the potential of Genetic Algorithms(GA) for automated design of stiff rods and air-muscles based kinetic geometries. It starts with a brief background, which includes the genesis of the research, history and relevant applications of … Read More

MagnaKit – Work in Progress

July 2, 2018 |

[vimeo 278013167 w=640 h=360]

The show was a huge learning experience for us, especially because we intend to launch a commercial product out of this project. The following post is an attempt to break it down in –

Elevator PitchRead More

Smart Susan

April 7, 2018 |

The best interface is no interface” – Golden Krishna

The landscape of smart home automation today is utterly cluttered. Small and big players are struggling to get a foothold in the exponentially growing industry. The hype is very much real.

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Gearing up for the Project Fair

March 23, 2018 |

Term 2 is coming to an end soon. Apparently, it ends with a “Project Faire” on 15th March, which is super exciting. But it also means that everything needs to be presented really well for the unsuspecting audience.

I am … Read More

Gears and Alexa

February 21, 2018 |

Still following the earlier approach of working simultaneously in different directions, I feel a bit overwhelmed. But on the other hand, I am learning a lot. Let’s talk about each of them…

Reinforcement Learning

Cartpole is one of the most … Read More

Reinforcement Learning in Processing

February 13, 2018 |

In 1997, Michael Mozer with an incredible group of students converted a mundane farmhouse into an adaptive house. The house started with no knowledge of its inhabitants and did not perform as one would expect a ‘smart house’ to do. … Read More