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Gearing up for the Project Fair

Gearing up for the Project Fair
  • On March 23, 2018

Term 2 is coming to an end soon. Apparently, it ends with a “Project Faire” on 15th March, which is super exciting. But it also means that everything needs to be presented really well for the unsuspecting audience.

I am following a methodology of experience design which I learnt from working at Experiential Design Labs. Every experience should have 5 components to it-

  • Attract – pull people towards the experience.
  • Inspire – help them relate and encourage exploration.
  • Engage – shift focus towards the main intent of the experience, and let people play/interact with it.
  • Discuss / Deliver – Wrapping up the experience with 1-on-1 conversation or any other means.
  • Retain / Share – Let people carry the experience back, be a part of the idea and share it with others.

In my imagination, my booth looks like a set of a room. The main actors are the 2 shelves of course. But the furniture around them is establishing a context for them to work with. Maybe there is a cleaner (and easier) way to present this.

With just 5 days left for the big day, planning is essential. Especially given that I have don’t even have a working prototype yet. So here are the aims for the week, in a chronological order-

  1. Fabricate a functional prototype of the shelf. Refine. (done)
  2. Plan the booth in detail, sketch it out.
  3. Fabricate another functional prototype. One of the prototypes will be without an enclosure to let viewers peek into the shelf.
  4. Work on an interactive presentation, to help people understand the learning abilities of the shelves.
  5. Integrate the software in the shelves, and test it out specifically for the Project Faire.
  6. A concise video to wrap it up.

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