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Personalized Robot and Bio Sensing

Personalized Robot and Bio Sensing

I had a discussion about appending personality to the robot in addition to setting behavior based on biodata. I made a model of mobile Keepon with DC motors and proximity sensors to control the mobility. it was suggested to add emotions and personal behavior to Keepon, to make it into a personal agent with its own personality.

Aims for this week:

1.Define interactive motions such as happy, sad, surprised, scared, and inquisitive Keepon.

2.Tech implementation of biometrics, building circuit and filming.

3.Mobility behaviors.

4.Material test for the further approach towards building a new robot.


I designed and filmed extreme emotions like sadness, happiness, surprised and scared. However, apparently the Keepon has stopped working.



I made a 3D model for mobile Keepon. And generated a processing sketch for walking behavior. these sketches include cautious, seeking, fleeing, and playful behaviors.


I made the circuit with finger pressure and GSR sensors. and filmed the motions of Keepon to the values. I didn’t expect some of these motions and I’m not sure if it’s the bug in the code.



for material testing, first I tried covering spheres with materials. however, when I asked people, they couldn’t attach any personality to them. I think the main reason is that we (humans) don’t set personality to materials themselves. but we attach them to the embodiment and the physicality we instinctively have in mind. for instance, feather reminds us of birds, therefore, we think of anything with feathers as light, flying and free. It might seem a primitive thinking, though, it occurred to me within this week. consequently, more than thinking about materials, I thought about static behavior.

What if the cube I’m covering with the material is aggressive, squishy, active or angry. Another approach is to set behavior in interaction with the person. Which I didn’t work on.


Now I know this term is coming to an end next week and we will be having an exhibition. and I have to have a complete prototype with a presentation on my desktop. I think now that I’m setting behaviors to my Keepon (shall I say Keepon 202?) and giving it personality, it should have its own primitive environment with space for a human to interact with. I believe planning for this week is crucial, therefore, these are my aims for these last 7 days:

  1. Fix the mobility and set behavior to its mobility.
  2. Debug the code for sensors
  3. Add the extreme emotions to Keepon’s reaction to human.
  4. Set a primitive environment for Keepon.



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