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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Boutique Vizique

  • On March 14, 2006

Here are a few projects from Boutique Vizique (Hendrik Leper and Stijn Schiffeleers)


Drawplay ‘ is an audiovisual installation that generates audio and reveals video according to your drawing on a touchscreen imbedded in a soft bench. The drawing gets continously scanned and translated into sound that travels around you on different speakers. The higher the dot or line the higher the notes. Continous lines give continuos sounds, dots give fragmented sounds. The installation makes it possible to draw with several people at the same time and both young and old can play with this physical sequencer.


Dustbunnies ‘ is a small colony of digital dust balls that scan the space in search of crumbs of lost thoughts, emotions and dreams. They are a group of LoFi amoeba addicted to a past caught in flakes of skin and hair, in dust and in dirt. ‘Dustbunnies’ is an interactive installation, originally developed in cooperation with art centre Z33, for FEEL THE YOUNG, an exhibition on the theme of tactile media art.

thanks to Carl for suggestion

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