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Easyweb – Site specific Video performances

  • On March 14, 2006

I don’t speak french very well so I won’t attempt to translate what Easyweb say on their site. Instead I recommend you just look at this magical video .

Update – 14th March

Regine from the awesome we make money not art has kindly translated the website text. See Below

“For several years, we are able to create gigantic video projections on any kind of building, mixing real perspectives with projected perspectives, creating thus an animated and very realistic “trompe-l’oeil”. We are able to do much more:

Imagine a shop window in which the mannequin isn’t dressed “statically” anymore (which implies many constraints such as changing the clothes according to the season), but is wearing a tee-shirt and jeans that change colour or patterns, the logos could move and the background of the shop window changes day after day. That’s the new way to look at video projections.

We are also able to create “animated” maquettes for architects showing characters walking, materials that can be modified with a simple “click”…. We give life to objects by applying a “life material” on them.”

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