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Cell Phone Disco – informationlab

  • On August 27, 2006

Cell Phone Disco is a recent project by the guys at informationlab. They have created a space to experience the invisible body of the mobile phone. Flashing cells basically consist of one or more LEDs, battery and a sensor that detects electromagnetic ( EM ) radiation transmitted by an active mobile phone. When the sensor detects EM waves it sets off the LEDs to flash for a couple of seconds. In general the flashing cells are enclosed in a plastic casing on a strap and sold as a fashion accessory for a mobile phone.

The Cell Phone Disco installation has two parts:

MOBILE AURA Flashing cells with sensors of higher sensitivity are used to detect electromagnetic radiation of active mobile phone in a range of approximately a meter. This way a sort of aura appears around the phone, revealing a part of it's invisible body. While the user moves around talking on his cell phone, this aura follows the conversation as a light shadow through the space.

MOBILE DRAWING Much less sensitive cells are used to create a canvas for an inkless marker. The LEDs get activated only by an extreme proximity of the electromagnetic source. Moving the phone close to the cells therefore leaves a trace of light, an electromagnetic drawing.

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