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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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{co.}cktail machine

{co.}cktail machine

{co.}cktail is an interactive collaborative cocktails machine which designed to experiment with tangible interaction, social connections, collaboration and group experiences.

This machine does not aim to encourage people to make good cocktails together, but, to explore new possibilities, experiment, and get surprised with unexpected outcomes.
Four bottles of beverages are provided and connected to pressure sensors covered with squeeze balls. The tangibility of its interface is to encourage participants to interact with the machine playfully and intuitively.
Participants will not aware of what kind of beverages are in each bottle and which ball controlling which pump. Therefore, this hopefully, will bring conversations between participants to make a guess what is inside each bottle and maybe try to achieve the same goal.

Aims for this week

  • build a multi-user interactive collaborative platform where conversations between participants arise
  • see how tangible interface can actually encourage intuitive and playful interaction
  • see what factors that can encourage collaborative activities and social connections

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