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Creating a virtual/physical space

Creating a virtual/physical space

“Marling” by Usman Haque, leaves me a profound impression. People play with their voice. The voice of citizens creates a compelling space which is between virtual and physical. Have a look here.

Visual Motion Perception as a discipline can certainly help us understand how we phenominally see space in these projected lines. Also perhaps with careful control of these lasers you could start to see patterns of motion that might appear like human bodies – here is a short movie produced in 1971 by James Maas, then at Cornell University. It demonstrates some of the work of the Swedish experimental psychologist Gunnar Johansson. Johansson is mainly known for his seminal work on biological motion perception.

The spatial awareness triggered by visual motion perception in the process of correspondence in my following project will lead participants to see space differently. Consequently, the visual motion perception make possibilities for participants to truly experience architectural space under different conditions and I will be trying to use this theory to create a virtual/physical space with my project partners using real-time tracking technology.

In the end, let’s enjoy a project named “the Weather Project” by a famous artist Olafur Eliasson playing with light and space. This project made you feel like you were in a space which is between virtual and real dual space, but using different strategy.

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