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Curious Implantation – Nicole Knauer

  • On September 11, 2006

interactive architecture

On the openinng night of Ars Electronica I visited the KunstRaum Goethestraße to see Nicole Knauer’s remarkable installation ‘Curious Implantation ‘ made from 500,000 white plastic cable ties. Using a generic object for day to day electronics and every installation artists most basic tool she has made a landscape that from a distance appears soft and organic moving gently almost as if it is breathing. Only on closer inspection to you realise its manufactured rough bristly texture.

interactive architecture

"The translucence, the ephemeral and the transience of the artist’s favourite materials and shapes that are represented in this installation can be regarded as a metaphor for the sphere between reality and absurdity." Nicole Knauer’s aim is to use synthetic waste products in a different way to that which was originally intended.

interactive architecture

Nicole has also experimented with creating clothing using various colors of cable ties which resemble feathers or soft ribbons.

interactive architecture

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