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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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  • On April 24, 2008


DigiWall from the Interactive Institute looks like a traditional climbing-wall but it’s actually a computer game you climb upon. Every climbing-hold is equipped with a sensor that registers hands and feet. In that way DigiWall can keep track on where on the wall the climber or climbers are. This opens up for a large number of games, exercises and competitions of various kinds. DigiWall is also a musical instrument. The climbing-holds acts as keys on a keyboard and music is played according to your climbing. The grips can be lit up from the inside and behind the wall there is a large hi-fi system. Together this gives a climbing-wall with new possibilities. In games, competitions, for practicing co-operation and for music creativity the experience intensifies with help from the music and the sound. The built-in light in the holds show you the way and rules for competition.



  1. Also check “Slap The Spider”, a related computer interface prototype which was developed and engineered at Bauhaus Dessau Kolleg III under guidance of Tim Edler/ realities:united:

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