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Fog Screen

  • On October 25, 2005

Finnish technology company FogScreen Inc wins the Plasa Award for Innovation 2005 with this lovely new interface design

In this walk-through exhibit, pictures are projected onto an ultrafine vapor “screen.” The fog is dry to the touch. The FogScreen displays images from any standard projector, and its laminar, or turbulence-resistant, airflow fixes its shape, so images are undisturbed by foot traffic.

Here’s their Website


  1. ben ralph

    I have a college project about fog screen, and i am facing a problem in finding information about it so, if you please could help me in my search by pointing me the places where i could find information about fog screen thnx a lot

  2. Well my understanding of Fog Screen is that it works on the premise that if you build laminar airflows and then create fog (using ultrasound through water) you can let the fog flow down between the laminar airflows but that explanation is on the fogscreen website. Creating Laminar airflows involves running air through a number of meshes that become finer and finer regulating the air until it flows in a relatively straight direction. In the case of Fogscreen the direction is down so to make this more effective have a lower air pressure device such as fans underneath sucking the air away. The Fog Screen project doesn’t do this because its designed to be used anywhere but in reality it would be enhanced by a device pulling the air.

    I know that doesnt expand very much on the pretty poor explanation they give on the fogscreen’s website but If you want to know more the key is in the laminar airflow and there’s a lot of information available about engineering in laminar airflows but its pretty dry. Making the mist is quite easy but I’ve been warned by a friend that ultrasonic devices can really hurt if you put your hand in the water when they’re turning it to mist.

    hope that helps a little, i’m actually doing an immaterial architecture project at the moment using laminar airflows but its in its very early stages so perhaps I might have some more details in the near future.



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