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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Hello.Wall – AMBIENTE

  • On November 29, 2005

The Hello.Wall is an ambient display that emits information via light patterns and is considered informative art.

As an integral part of the physical environment, Hello.Wall constitutes a seeding element of a social architectural space conveying awareness information and atmospheric aspects within organizations or at specific places.

Interaction in Public Spaces

To contribute to a social architectural space, we focused on user interactions in rather public spaces within office buildings and designed a medium and mediator for conveying social awareness and atmospheric aspects at specific places in order to support informal communication.

Social Awareness
Communicating social awareness and atmospheric aspects within an organization includes general and specific feedback mechanisms that allow addressing different target groups via different representation codes and displays [implicit vs. explicit]. Individuals as well as groups can create public and private codes depending on the purpose of their intervention. The content to be communicated can cover a wide range and will be subject to modification, adjustment, and elaboration based on the experience people have.

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