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Interfacing Architecture for a Networked Society – Adam Somlai-Fischer – Aether architecture

  • On April 18, 2006

I’ve enjoyed the work of Adam Somlai-Fischer for some time so it was great to finally see him present his work at the Game Set Match Conference last week. Rather than go into detail on all of his work I’ve made a synopsis of some of his projects which you can find out more about at Aether Architecture .

Ping Genius Loci

A programmable space installation, a new member in the induction house series, developed by aether architecture with Bengt Sjölén . Ping Genius Loci is built up from 400 radio networked, solar powered, self sustainable intelligent analogue pixels, that are placed on a 20 by 20 meters grid.

These pixels function in the bright sunshine, and are interfacing the people walking in the grid. It also can act as a large low resolution screen as each device individually switches its RGB like configurations. At the same time interaction scenarios, games and functions are being developed, to open up architecture to its use.

Aleph Reflection Remapping

Aleph is an experimental public display, that is using the spaces, people and objects it faces as a palette to display messages from hidden viewpoints. When looking at a small mirror, it reflects a fraction of the space around us, when looking at a mirror façade, it reflects most things around us, containing segments that are dark or bright, red or green.

But if we build a matrix of small mirrors, which can adjust their tilt according to the site they are facing, we can create a display that uses the ever changing flux of the place to show images from certain points in space. It will not be comprehendable from all viewpoints, just from specific ones, asking visitors to explore the space, or providing surprising flashes in a public setup that can stay around the edge of comprehension.

Induction House

Aether Induction House is an experimental architecture project consisting of three prototypes. Dealing with mediated spaces, existences and space interpretations.

Focusing on transforming the primarily visual digital environment into a physical and tactile experience, finding an architectural and tectonic embodiment. Have computers and software been promoted to the role of “assistants”, tools that have important effects on the design? Or what are the perspectives and limitations of such servo mechanisms? Autonomous architecture? Building printers? Widespread solutions offered by software guides and wizards? The disappearance of the architect, or its role shifting to the design of algorithms that are able to figure out creative solutions without human intervention?

This is just a small taste of the work Adam is involved with so check out his amazing website which details the projects from start to finish including electronic schematics and code.


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