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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Vacuum Packing – Heartbeat – Ishiwata

  • On April 19, 2006

Artist Makoto Ishiwata newest piece: Vacuum Packing!: Heartbeat , a polyhedron-shaped giant capsule, vacuum packs its inhabitant from all sides in rubber and a rhythmic soundscape. Ishiwata intentions were to create a space for self-reflection and meditation. The heartbeat also encouraging the sense of internal space

“I can feel like an individual in the midst of humanity, through the image of something internal such as a cell, an atom, or a fetus. Keeping in mind the insignificance of humanity, as I shrink ever smaller, it may be possible to confirm my existence in the universe on an electronic level. Or this work may simply serve as a space to meditate. The heartbeat is the very first rhythm humans feel. I believe all music has the heartbeat as its source. The moment that human beings connect to the heartbeat that flows within us, the music that we hear starts to sound right.”

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