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Kengo Kuma – Weak Architecture

  • On October 9, 2007


In search of flexible buildings – Kengo Kuma uses the term “weak architecture”. His teahouse does not rise up from the ground as a fixed wooden construction, but unfolds as an airborne ephemeral structure. When a ventilation system is activated, the teahouse swells into shape like a white textile blossom. In its interior, comprising a surface of approximately twenty square metres, are nine tatami mats, an electric stove for the water kettle, and a preparation room.

Integrated LED technology allows the use of the teahouse at night; the interior can be heated by way of the membrane. The Teehouse of Kengo Kuma is situated in the garden of Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt.

via luminapolis


  1. Justin

    Finally An Update!!!! You would think you had stuff to do!


  2. I wonder if you ever do anything Justin?

  3. Justin Taylor

    No not really, I just pretend, do you?

    As a side not I love this work.

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