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Seduced by Light

  • On September 29, 2007

Dazed Digital recently published a series of three exclusive documentaries on artists who work with light as their medium. Two of these in particular, Jason Bruges Studio and United Visual Artists are common sights on this blog, producing a number of impressive large scale interactive installations in galleries and exhibitions, as well as embedding responsive lighting technologies into public spaces, furniture and building facades.

UVA’s installation Echo – Tate Modern – June 2006

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes, what technologies they use and how these companies came about in the first place, these videos give a unique insight into the stories behind their day to day routines as well as their aspirations and future projects in the pipeline. Alongside these commercial practices and in contrast to the scale of Jason Bruges and UVA, the final documentary is a more personal story about the art work of independent artist David Batchelor. His pieces fusing scuplture and light explore the concept of colour as a unique phenomenon: how colour is omnipresence in everyday experience, and how it transcends function and aesthetics to create its own symbolic orders.

Jason Bruges Studio Documentary

United Visual Artists Documentary

David Batchelor Documentary


  1. Some of the smaller pieces are amazing, however the use of neon colors seems like an easy way in much of the recent work in this field. A different color scheme would really add to this field of work! I would also love to see the art move out of the studio and into the world, it would be great to see things like this in office buildings or new building projects! Johynny

  2. Justin

    Is it me or does that first image not look painful?

  3. I think its just you Justin

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