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Kinetica Museum, London

  • On October 7, 2006

I was so excited to see the opening of Kinetica, the UK’s first Museum dedicated to time based art such as kinetic, interactive and robotic art, that I rushed down yesterday to get a look at the inaugural exhibition called ‘Lifeforms’. The selection of work looks at the extension of the human into the mechanical and the mechanical into the human by confirming the fallacy that humans are, or ever were, entirely divorced from our technological environment. If the intellectual content of the work doesn’t interest you, you’ll since find great enjoyment in looking with awe at the delicate, intricate mechanics, and beautiful materiality of the work. The first year of events will examine the pioneering forunners and historical origins of kinetic and electronic art alongside new work.

Artist in the show include Chico MacMurtie, Daniel Chadwick, Elias Crespin, Future Sound of London, Hans Hotter, Dante Leonelli, Chris Levine, Tim Lewis, Michael McKinnon, Richard Brown and Max Streicher. I got to catch a glimpse of the Amorphic Robot Works by Chico MacMurtie but the work itself only comes alive once a day so check the website for details if your going to visit. I’m going back to Kinetica on tuesday 10th October for his talk and to see his current robotic performance called ‘The Ancestral Path.’ I can’t wait!

More on the exhibition and future events coming soon.


  1. This looks awesome! Hans Kotters’ work looks really nice, as does the work from Dante Leonelli.

  2. Hey Nik

    Yeah its a really addition to the east london art scene. I can see the work presented there having a profound effect on the work of young artists who dont usually get to see this kind of stuff

  3. wow! this looks amazing! a whole museum towards it – and i was getting excited about a whole exhibition coming up in Melbourne dedicated towards it!

  4. Upstairs there are some really beautiful kinetic mobiles (plus my starfish!) see and videos on youtube

  5. jez

    there is a sound / music / art event at kinetica tomorrow (Sunday 12th November) from 5pm with performances by myself (jez riley french / ime) + tomomi (japan) & noise for neko (usa / uk).

    hope some of you folks come along – I think entry is around £5 or £6 full price.


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