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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Bartlett School of Architecture – Interactive Architecture Workshop

  • On September 25, 2006

Today the Bartlett School of Architecture, London will start a new academic year and so I’ve put a little info online about the Interactive Architecture Workshop otherwise known as Unit 14 . Rather than my rather Biased opinion here is a short extract from Building Design Magazine’s review of the Bartlett Summer Exhibition and in particular Unit 14.

interactive architecture

 "Diploma unit 14 was particularly strong and seemed to exemplify the dean’s claim that Bartlett students “think, write and design all at the same time”. Led by Stephen Gage, the unit’s theme was Architecture is Magic and addressed architecture’s ability to reflect our understanding of the natural world and the way that people perceive objects and spaces. With projects ranging from buildings to machines and performing characters, the unit offers an eclectic range of styles and yet is one of the most coherent exhibits. The standard of work across the units is exemplary and the school continues to set the standard by which others are measured. "

interactive architecture

Unit 14 has enjoyed a lot of recent success with the award for ‘Best of Show’ i.e. the best unit exhibition at the Bartlett Summer Exhibition 2005. Two of the Units students Ian Laurence and Karl Normanton were awarded the top two students of the 2005-2006 academic year and we also came runners up in Best of Show at this years Summer Exhibition. On a personal level it has a reputation for being a closeknit Unit that supports each other rather than everyone working independently from home like some of the other Units. We also likes the odd drink to blow off steam after a hard days work. If your a student joining the Bartlett this year, I recommend coming and seeing if its the sort of Unit for you.

Images by Ian Laurence and Karl Normanton
Unit 14


  1. this course looks amazing, and i don’t want to sound like an idiot, but do you ever offer short courses in elements of interactive architecture? i’m heading to london and would love to get involved in interactive architecture, but with no prior experience and not enough time to go the full 2 years, unit 14 is way outside my league.

  2. Im afraid not Lauren, the course is a 2 year diploma in architecture which is the part 2 of RIBAs requirements to become an architect

  3. very interesting.
    Good enough for young studentes.

    take care bernardo

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