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Morphs 1.0

Morphs 1.0

It was a great pleasure to see William Bondin graduate with distinction for a project which examined  fascinating questions about the relationship between morphology and behaviour. Regine at We Make Money Not Art did a great interview with William which really helped to launch the project and there has been a fantastic response Mashables, Slate, Architizer, Wired, Ubergizmo, Hackaday, and more.

William and I have gone on to write a paper on the project which will be published at Fabricate 2014 Conference next year.

[Bondin, W. Glynn, R. 2014] “Fabricating Behaviour: a problem, a solution, a prototype and a proposal”, Fabricate Conference, ETH Zurich.

“The paper highlights the gap, which exists between digital simulation and physical prototyping in the performance of dynamic architectural systems. Feedback loops are explored as a solution to mediating between these two domains as well as providing a means to steer material and morphologically embodied behaviour towards desired goals. Building upon this understanding, a prototype for adaptive and kinetic structures is presented called ‘Morphs’ along with a speculative proposal for their deployment as a mobile reconfigurable architecture. The paper presents the initial stage of a three-year research project towards a fully realised adaptive autonomous mobile architecture for public space.”


Morphs 1.0 has now recieved funding for a second iteration thanks to support from the Institute of Making at UCL so watch out for a Mega Morph coming to a park near you!