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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Stranger Cycle 3071

Stranger Cycle 3071
  • On February 19, 2021

Interface of VR headset

Fashion plays a profound role in the construction of identity. Stranger?Cycle?3071?is?a?virtual?reality?experience?interrogating the intersection of fashion, gender?fluidity and identity. Users enter a virtual realm where they can playfully engage with and manipulate garments to explore who they are and how they want to be seen.

Interactive VR Space

The space is constructed in personal, peri-personal, and public layers, enabling intra, inter, and social experience of one’s own and others’ avatar bodies. First customising an avatar’s body, users then select from a menu of non-binary virtual clothes, able to then manipulate form and fabric, allowing them to switch and shape-shift in appearance to explore and play with diverse gender identities as they roam the layered environment and interact with others. 

Using VR and motion tracking technologies, Stranger Cycle 3071 takes users on an immersive and personal journey where the inner sense and questioning of self can be explored in a safe, sensitive environment of care, aiming to empower and break down conventional boundaries.