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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Sonia Cillari – Evolving models and interactive environments

  • On December 7, 2005

SONIA CILLARI discribes herself as a digital architect, her projects explore digital architectural models which can be viewed online in interactive 3D.

“These projects explore the application of dynamic methods to design architectural models in digital environments.

Against the rationalist notion of objective space, the aim is to investigate implications of architectural form in relation to space and time multidirectional parameters, considering digital spatiality an environment not receiving but instead generator of forms.

Computer parameters are not-critical parameters, selected with intuitive criteria. They affront not-critically the opposition between form and void, to eliminate in the design process the memory of architectonic hierarchical organization.” And they’re pretty too!

VIEW interactive digital spaces

You will need Cosmoplayer to view.


  1. Hi Ruairi – you might want to check my post (Lightsurface: topological systems) on her work as well, including that of Igor Kebel from 1999 – “Instance – Entrance to Anti-Dialectic Library“.

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