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The Future of Wearable Computing

  • On December 8, 2005

Interesting introductory article on the future of ‘Wearable Computing’

Image Above – Motion Aware Clothing M.A.C. unobtrusively integrates various sensors as well as computational and communication abilities in a textile.

” Currently a 1kg, A5 sized subnotebook with a PCMCIA wireless modem can offer virtually all the functionality of a conventional PC. Simple PC functions and rudimentary Internet access are also available in handheld computers and personal digitalassistants that can be carried along in the pocket. Most mobile phones manufacturers are also working on integrating such functionality into their phones.

Where will this trend take us? One likely answer is the concept of wearable computing. The vision behind it is that a mobile computer should not just be a machine that we put into our pocket when we plan on doing some office work while on the road. Instead it will be an integral part of our every day outfit (hence wearable), always operational and equipped to assist us in dealing with a wide range of situations. Just imagine a tourist arriving in a foreign city. As soon as he leaves the train his wearable computer contacts the local tourist office and compiles a list of suitable nearby hotels. It then guides the tourist towards the chosen hotel. The directions are integrated into the tourist’s view of the real world using a see through computer display in his sunglasses. The display is also used to show information on landmarks and restaurants passed on the way to the hotel. At the same time the computer informs the user about any local customs or hazards that he should be aware of (e.g. ‘mind this area after dark’)……… ” read whole Article

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