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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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When in Dome

When in Dome

When a group of people are engaged in an experience, a powerful feeling that “this is happening to all of us together” can arise. Much like an individual can enter a state of ‘flow‘ when they are fully immersed in an activity, a group can have ‘swing’ when participants connect through a shared experience.

When in Dome
 is a light installation for exploring group experience. A geodesic dome filled with thousands of mapped LEDs provides a space for shared interaction.

The dome contains 4378 individually addressable and mapped LEDs. Movement inside the dome is depth tracked using a Kinect and, as people wave their arms and legs around, they draw shimmery shapes in the lights.

Further interactions are still being developed. As the technology behind the dome is very versatile, it is possible to tie in a wide range of inputs and interfaces suitable for different audiences, with the goal of heightening the group experience and finding new ways for people to share an interaction.

My theory paper, Methodologies and reasons for exploring meaningful group experience through multi-user interactive art, can be found here