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Proposal: Creating musical world between real and virtual

Proposal: Creating musical world between real and virtual
  • On March 2, 2018

Aim of the week:

  • Clear the idea and content
  • Using software to animate human perspective by using projection technology


As for enjoyment of music, on the one hand, publicly, people tend to go to concert, big music festival;

However, on the other hand, people wants to listen music more and more privately, from before 18th the chamber music. Then in 19th, phonautograph was invented, which gave human the ability to record sound. After that, phonograph and gramophone came to the world that people can enjoy music at home. Time goes to 20th, electric record players were introduced, from transistor radio to Walkman, Discman, miniDisc and MP3. Finally, it comes to iPod, smaller mp3. Until nowadays, we can enjoy whatever music  whenever and wherever we want to just need the internet.


With in the private music enjoyment process, producers always want to fill in the visual immersive feeling which private music lacks, compared with the public music events. From the cover of vinyl to CD cover. After the electronic screen was invented, the video is the most important part of a album( started from The Beatles 1964’s A Hard Day’s Night, which could be considered one of the first visual albums. However, after the technology become smaller and smaller, the purpose of immersive visual feeling is generally missing, and till now, we only hear the song and hardly click the link of MVs.

With the new technologies nowadays, the immersive feeling of public musical enjoyment has been continuously enlarging. Such as big led screen, interactive lighting design and projection.  So, what we can do for the private musical immersive feeling?



Compared with public musical events, which gather a large number of people to make them feel excited in most of time, private musical enjoyment some time can be more relaxed. Think about when you feel stressed and want to go back home, close the light but leave a candle, enjoy the music with a glass of wine. Such condition has been written in lyrics lots of time, but why is that, what is the candle for?

In my opinion, people don’t want to see the whole outside world, but need to focus on a tiny space that only candle can enlighten. This is escaping from the real world, find another peaceful in somewhere else. But, where is the place? I think it is a place only has music to make people immerse inside of it. However, it is not a visual replacement (such as the virtual reality world). It is a world between. Where people can immerse to the musical world, meanwhile doing some leisure thing such as drinking, cooking or taking a shower.

So, what it an musical album can contain a visual space of each song, to revive the visual immersive feeling of private music and to bring inside of each song, by changing the visual perception of human’s eyes, using illusion to create another space in his or her “chamber”.

Idea & Content:

If each song has a world inside, what it looks like?

Start from the general cognition of a song in your play list.

The spatial container is the time line of the song, and it is linear and two-dimensional. However, as for the song, it might contain a path a story which might about how a love, mood changing, nice journey go with the time’s tick tack. To open the path in 3D. It might looks a continuous changing terrain. Inside of the path beats, vocal and instrument can be the  creature goes inside and outside of the path. And human can walk on the path, fall in a vertical path, or fly over and overwatch the path.


Technical Progress:

To open the path in the “chamber” without any wearable intervention, I did some projection-generate illusion this week. Basically, human head location can be detected in the chamber and the image from projector would be update frame to frame according to the position of human.


By doing so, the human perspective can be update time to time, and the images projects in the chamber can shift the chamber to another space.


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