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The Space Between

  • On December 8, 2005

I’ve just seen the first printed copy of this new magazine devised by Christian Kerrigan and Nick Tayler. Its strong empasis is highlighting young talented people from a whole range of artistic disciplines from London to New York to Barcelona to Paris and brings them all together to inspire new ideas (something interactive architecture is all about). It looks great and I love the idea so check it out.

Here’s what they have to say about it

“Artists, designers and thinkers inspire and learn from one another, through many mediums including film, art, fashion, photography and music. The cross over of thought between all these fields is a rich breeding ground of new ideas, perspectives and talent.

The objective of The Space Between is to uncover, showcase and discuss fresh editorial subjects which arise from this interdisciplinary nature of the creative industries and our culture as a whole. By promoting this outlook in a biannual magazine a large void overlooked by other publications is filled, by capturing the ephemeral and often subconscious moments of our world and creating a rich collage of the here and now.

Created by a team of contributors who thrive in this exciting and essential territory, The Space Between intends to establish itself as a reflective and inspiring magazine for a generation of switched on, aware and inspired individuals.”


  1. kate

    I am currently a 3rd year architecture student at the university of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am entering a competition which involves finding out exacty what the “in between” in terms of architecture really is.

    If you have any recommended sites or reading, i would be most greatful.

    Thanks for such a fantastic site!


  2. Hi kate

    My recommednation would be to talk to Christain Kerrigan who is editor of the Magazine. I’m sure he could give you some suggestions


    I am a student of architecture in Durban south africa + Also got a similar question as Kate. I would like to research this idea of inbetween space a little further. Any refferals would be super.

    Thanks for the knowledge.

  4. Hi Karabo

    I just read 2 papers that I think are very interesting in relation to this idea of the space between and interactivity.

    ‘Behind the Curtain’ by Ranulph Glanville presented at Consciousness Reframed Conference

    ‘Acts Between and Between Acts’ by Ranulph Glanville presented at Consciousness Reframed 2 Conference

  5. Calayde


    i’m a student from pretoria, entering the same competition as the last two south africans! Any information that can be shared would be appreciated! Great site btw!

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