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Elementlabs – Versa TILE and Versa PIXEL

  • On December 9, 2005


One of the many interactive hypersurface technology companies on the market.

Below are two of their products the Versa TILE and Versa PIXEL

Versa TILE

Video – I feel a little sorry for the kid.

How does it work?

Each tile is edge-lit by LEDs to give smooth light output. Like building blocks, tiles can be placed together in any configuration. Proven LED video display technology lets Versa TILE produce a broad spectrum of rich, saturated colors–as well as flesh tones, browns, grays and other color not possible with conventional lighting technology.

How is it controlled?
Each single Versa TILE represents one pixel on the screen of a PC or Mac. What you see on the computer display is what you get on Versa TILE–whether video or still images. Content can be created using any graphics program or adapted from widely available stock imagery.

Versa TILE is currently available in two versions to suit both rental applications and permanent installations. Sizes for each version include 50 cm x 50 cm (25 tile) and 1 meter x 1 meter (100 tile).


What I think is great about this new product is its ability to be used for flowing architectural spaces.

Versa PIXEL is a new product line from Element Labs released at PLASA 2005. Its distributed architecture gives designers complete freedom over pixel shape and placement – including intricate 3-D arrangements.

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