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Intelligent Automatic Doors

  • On December 12, 2005

Those Japanese have done it again. This time a door that senses the approaching shape of an object entering and opens to that shape. This new design entails strips equipped with infrared sensors that open to the approximate shape of the person or object passing through, minimizing entry of dust, pollen, and bugs while keeping precious air-conditioning in.


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From Gizmodo


  1. I’m skeptical that it accomplishes the goals it claims better than a revolving door but regardless it doesn’t seem very human centered. Why would somebody actually want to go through a door like this? It might be “cool” once I suppose. Specialized and limited uses such as doors inside of a hotel suite might be one of the few places I could imagine it in use.

    That said, the entry of a box shown in the video was interesting. This is a great idea for a pet door or otherwise restricted entry system.

  2. Yeah I agree

    It’s hardly going to end the reign of the hinged door especially since the actual space this door must take up is twice the amount your able to walk through.

    Still wouldn’t mind one though!

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