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RCA & Philips – Glowing Places

  • On December 12, 2005

Glowing Places

Glowing Places is a concept from an investigation into innovative ways for people to interact with light in public spaces. The plastic seating, embedded with LED (light-emitting diode) strips and sensors, measure the presence of people over time. Both the number of people sitting and the length of time they stay create a ‘social interactive pattern’ that is translated by patented software into lighting effects in the furniture. Many people sitting for brief periods of time result in lighting activity expressing a busy period, whereas one or two people sitting for a longer period trigger mellow lighting.

From RCA

Glowing Places is built on Philips Designs research on the theme of the ’emotional building’ – a building that responds to the behavior and feelings of its users by visually expressing the activity inside. With this in mind, Glowing Places demonstrates the importance of lighting to signify the changing emotional states.

from Pixelsumo

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