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LED light mesh facade – James Clar & Cloud9

  • On January 16, 2006

James Clar of LED Voxel fame is currently working on an architecture model for the Cloud9’s ‘Habitat Hotel’. “The Habitat Hotel will be developed in the Barcelona area. It is a hotel with a light mesh that wraps the whole building. The light mesh has sensors that will read the daylight sun amplitude and then at night each node will give off color according to how much that node collected sun. Therefore, the mesh reflects the energy levels of each day, it will change over seasons and due to weather… The mesh itself is raised off the building and forms its own see-through structure. Also, each node is self-contained with it’s own sensor and LEDs, there is no central computer controlling the whole structure.”

An interactive prototype of this system will be exhibited at ‘MoMA‘ next month.

via the always on the ball pixelsumo


  1. James Clar has some of his lighting designs now on sale to the public like the 3D Display Cube. I think I saw that it was $1799 and they have limited quantities. Everyone should have one. His Square Eclipse is for sale too.

  2. Mayumi

    I heard this hotel will be opened in 2007.
    Somebody knows it is true?

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