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NOX – Lars Spuybroek – Whispering Garden – Rotterdam

  • On January 18, 2006

Okay apologies for irrelevant last post here’s one about interactive architecture strangely enough. NOX run by Lars Spuybroek do some fantastic work and have made a number of interactive buildings and installations over the past few years including Son-O-House and D-Tower which I still haven’t got round to blogging. Here’s one of their new projects which should be completed by the end of 2006.

Whispering Garden is a public art work next to Hotel New York in Rotterdam, that we based on the myths of Lorelei and the Sirens, luring the ships onto the rocks. All the possible wind properties (direction, force, duration) are used to have computer-generated female voices continuously singing vowels splitting into other vowels, making overtones proliferate, creating a polyphonic forest of sound.

The steel structure brings the whirls from Mucha’s hair-arabesques into a systemacy of crossings and mergings supporting green glass panels. The faceted glass shatters the light into many directions, and with every step we take there will be a new flicker, a new variation of emerald shading. Whispering Garden is a synaesthetic node, short-circuiting all elements and forces that are present: connecting the wind to light, light to structure, structure to sound, sound to architecture, architecture to bodies, looping all the loops, making everything sensing everything, making everything sensuous.

NOX Website
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  1. Stellina

    Hi! I’m a young architecture student in the Tirana Politechnic University.My name is Estela I’m 20 years old. I’m sending you this to say just how impressed I am from your work…! This is exactely my imagine of the architechture in the future…I’m using your creations to represent my concepition of the architecture in a school project…I wish you all the best Mr. Spuybroek…! (hoping that you’ll receve this message)

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