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Luminous Ceilings

Luminous Ceilings
  • On April 12, 2010

Thomas Schielke sent me his youtube presentation of Luminous ceilings a few months ago and usually I bin such emails since I like to find things for myself but I really enjoyed the way this research was put together (except the chessey music). Thomas explains that besides these ceilings providing spacious impressions they this work always metaphors the natural sky. “The historical observation of ceilings reveals that the image of heaven, which reached a theological culmination in the luminous Renaissance stucco techniques, turned into large-scale light emanating surfaces.”


  1. Great video, a lot of information built vertically and laterally.
    Thank You!

  2. Nicox

    I haven’t seen the video but the picture is enough to add that this particular “LED sky screen” is loacated in Beijing at “The Place”, a big kind of mall in the CBD

  3. Nicox

    the 2 sides of the mall (up to 6F) are linked by a longitudinal plaza which is covered by this screen.
    These 2 slabs are ended, on the west, by 2 offices towers.
    Every evening (when the night falls) some projections are occuring.
    It’s nice and kids are enjoying.
    Despite that the mall is a faillure and if the Southern slab is still doing well due to an anchor store, Zara, on 2 levels, the North part is pretty empty.
    Commercial development is an alchemy depending on rules and that it seems that even a LED sky ceiling can’t overstep.

  4. Whoa, the music reminds me of the BBC when it used to go into Teletext mode late at night.

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