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Ocean of Light – Squidsoup

Ocean of Light – Squidsoup
  • On April 9, 2010

The Ocean of Light project explores the creative and immersive possibilities of light-based visualisation in physical space. It uses bespoke hardware to create dynamic, interactive and three-dimensional sculptures from light.

Surface is the first artwork to be exhibited using the Ocean of Light hardware. It uses minimal visuals and sound to evoke the essence of character and movement. Autonomous entities engage in a playful dance, negotiating the material properties of a fluid surface.

The Ocean of Light project is a collaborative research venture, led by Squidsoup and supported by the Technology Strategy Board (UK). Partners include Excled Ltd and De Montfort University. Additional support and resources have been provided by Oslo School of Architecture and Design (Norway), Massey University, Wellington (New Zealand) and Centre for Electronic Media Art, Monash University (Aus). Squidsoup is a digital arts group specialising in immersive interactive installations within physical 3D space. Their work combines sound, light, physical space and virtual worlds to produce immersive and emotive headspaces. They explore the modes and effects of interactivity, looking to make digital experiences where meaningful and creative interaction can occur.


  1. Stefan

    why are you posted this? this is so 1996…..

  2. Hi Stefan, I think thats a little unfair. I saw this at the Kinetica Art Fair and it was really impressive. Unlike voxel arrays that Ive seen before this had the potential to wash you in light as you passed through it and I think theres some interesting interactions to be explored there. Yes there are plenty of Voxel projects but do we stop exploring them as a medium because someone else has done one? I like how squid soup are looking at this as a research platform and I also like how they’ve built a collaborative team around them to do this.

  3. Stefan; its like saying “paintings.. they are soo 15000 b.c.”.

    Ocean of light may similar in form to 1996, but that time did not afford nearly as much turn-key potential with controlling of lights. This means more possibilities with the expression/ idea, ten fold.

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