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texone – tree

  • On September 12, 2005

Bit of an old project but I fell upon it today and thought I’d have a play.

interactive architecture

Here’s one of Texone’s projects tree, thought I’d stick into it and see what it creates. Well it produced a very dense forest of digital structures but thats enough about IA.O

Texone have made a number of processing applications which you can check out at their website.

tree accesses the source code of a web domain through it’s url and transforms the syntactic structure of the web site into a tree structure represented by an image. this image illustrates a tree with trunk, branches and ramifications. first each tree is initialized, than all html links are detected, chronologically saved and finally displayed.

interactive architecture

the first tree corresponds to the domain; according to the syntax of the web site each further tree that builds up represents a sub page including all existing elements. the color of these trees reflects the color values of the domain and its sub pages.

interactive architecture

tree is a translation program. the simulation of real space by software as a starting point and basic question characterizes the search for an algorithm (design specification) which illustrates a real tree. tree interprets each html page as a design specification; the html space determines the algorithm and generates the visual world of the translation beyond simulation.

Here’s an explanation of how it works

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