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The Anxious Lounge – Toby Carr

  • On July 18, 2006

The Anxious Lounge': An investigation into the way that active furniture might share space with people. Each piece of furniture has it's own goal set. Toby's work is an extension of his paper '…Emergent Voyeurisms in the Performative space of Architecture and Cinematography' presented at GameSetMatch II in Delft earlier this year in which he explores interactive environments by comparing these with typical hyper real structures in Bertold Brecht's plays.

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Toby Carr as part of his investigation generated a series of notational drawings describing the spatial and behavioral relationships between the entire set of table and chairs and additionally their relationship to human inhabitants. 


  1. Nikki

    hi Toby
    not sure if this is the right Toby
    but incase it is
    it is Nikki from Sheffield
    University- a former classmate
    (1st Year)
    would be lovely to get in touch
    all the best

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