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The Mechanized Eccentric Performance Series

  • On August 24, 2006

Louis-Philippe Demers is a multidisciplinary artist using machines as media. He has worked on the conception and production of several large-scale interactive robotic installations, so far realizing more than 225 machines. 'In a more pronounced way than traditional theatre, mechanical theatre becomes a space for a collective consensus of the acceptation of simulacrum (even more surreal). The level of abstraction of the mechanical theatre enables a multiplicity of interpretation, it is an open ended work where each person sees a reflection of its own feelings.' (See Video)

The Mechanized Eccentric Series is a collection of several installations and performances united together in a large spectacle.

The Series regroups:

L'Assemblee, 48 robots layed out on an arena;

Colony 001, 8 robots and 1 central robots, a comment on nanotechnology;

Colony 002, 8 robots caught in cages;

The robotic characters of Armageddon (an operetta for robots) and a choir of 12 members;

and the two main robots of Le Proces.

Each robot is equipped with speaker(s), light(s) and motion(s) enabling the whole environment to become a vast surround soundscape. Namely, the performances include 6 voices of ambient sound plus a range (8 to 32) of independent robot sounds.



  1. A. Laura

    wow, this blog sure has gone from Architecture to robots pretty quickly. I like it though. brings psychology in a lot more-esp that money. this performance piece reminds me of a thesis project I saw at my school one year. this guy proposed a fully reconfigurable perfomance space that can expand/contract in size and have crosshair tracks for lighting etc. the jury torn it apart, they hated it.
    he also created a machine that produces music in reaction to its surroundings-like what kind of noise people around it were making. he introduced the prj with it. i loved it.

  2. Robots, Architecture, same thing in my eyes! Im not just talking about the work of Archigram, Im thinking more in the terms of all the new transformable architecture that I feature on my site. The differences between an “inteligent” robot and an “inteligent” building are small and becoming smaller and smaller by the day.

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