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VIDA 11.0 Art and Artifical Life

  • On February 23, 2009

I have recently come back from Madrid where I was exhibiting my piece Performative Ecologies at VIDA 11.0 alongside some great installations from Philip Beesley & Rob Gorbet, Chico MacMurtie, Jed Berk, Chris Sugrue and Damian Stewart. With the kind help of my brother Ronan, we have made a small film of the exhibition which you can see above. Regine on wmmna has more detailed coverage of the exhibition.

Interactive Architecture has been quiet for the past 6 months mainly due to taking on a new teaching position at the Bartlett School of Architecture’s Adaptive Architecture and Computation Masters. More about this in the near future but for now all I’ll say is that my plan is to get blogging back into my weekly routine so if anyone has any interesting suggestions for new articles please let me know.


  1. Justin

    Nice to see you back! Congrats on the teaching position.


  2. Hey Justin thanks alot, looking forward to being a little more regular with it. Any suggestions for an article

  3. Olivier

    Very nice work!

  4. Glad to see you back. I’m hoping to use your site for a class I will be co-teaching at University of Michigan in Fall 2009. ‘Smartsurfaces’ will offer a project-based learning experience in which artists, designers, architects and engineers can come together to explore new possibilities for creating spaces that interact with the people who use them. The course will seek to create a multidisciplinary community of interest around the exploration of structural systems and surfaces augmented by networked computing elements that have the capability to learn and to adapt to new information and conditions. We will link information systems with physical form to produce dynamically variable, tactile ‘informatic’ or ‘smart’ surfaces. The course provides the framework for the development of new projects, fuelled by discourse between the three Schools of Art & Design; Architecture and Urban Planning; and Engineering. The course will be co-taught by 3 Professors: Karl Daubmann (of PLY Architecture); Max Shtein and me.

    John Marshall.

  5. Tiemen

    Cool you’re back indeed! Love the video. I have been following your blog for the past year and really enjoyed your posts. Any effort will be greatly appreciated here.

    On the suggestion part? I just borrowed Norman Crowe’s book “Nature and the idea of a man-made world”. For I’m currently doing research for a project abstracting nature and replacing it by architectural and technological means. Anything related will be enjoyed! 🙂


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