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Virtual Operation Room – HRG and ONL

  • On March 24, 2006

Following the theme of the Hyperbody research Group I thought I’d show a project of theirs from a couple of years ago which reflects the virtual side of their research into interactive adaptive architecture.

A time-based architecture for the augmented body

The Virtual Operation Room is a game developed for the Museum of Technology in Delft by the ONL office in association with Hyperbody Research Group . Both aim at the practice and the research on interactive and e-motive architecture. Just like cars, websites and other vehicles, buildings become more and more sensitive and intelligent and start to respond, act and surprise. In order to study and practice e-motive architecture we build parametric environments and interactive interfaces to communicate with active worlds. Actual architectural concepts like e-motive architecture, time-based architecture, programmable architecture, free form styling, swarm behaviour and genetic algorithms come together in a game.

The VOR features a responsive geometry, responsive to actions of the players of the VOR game. In each of its highly responsive and pro-active worlds the player learns about the bodily system by acting, by pointing at sweet spots, by shooting cells, by killing cancerous growth. After having gained insight in the dynamics of the complex adaptive system of the human bodily system by collecting points, you can transfer yourself to one of the other worlds.


  1. frank arles


    Could someone send me a few links or a link of some free, simple, ready to “play with” interactive shapes or even structures. Would be most grateful. I have an old laptop and line drawing or b&w “3D” is probably all it can handle.

    I have a nervous condition and am in desperate need of some simple, “bauhaus”-like shapes(just rectangles even if thats all my machine can handle), just to move around with my touch pad/mouse.


    frank arles

  2. frank arles

    addendum to comment:

    I know for sure that my ancient pc can navigate through and into(3D?) this “stickman gunslinger” line drawing game. But I really don’t need to be shooting at stickmen. I just want to move inwards, through, a quasi “stripped down”, very simple virtual enivornment without the violence or “game” concept(competition, beat the clock, etc). But if basic geometric shapes to play with is all you can link me to, that would be just fine. In fact I would prefer basic geometry to art neuvea-esque or goth, baroque,”busy” objects and/or environments.

    I have very little knowlege of architecture let alone knowlege period. So any vocabulary I have used in this request is in the most loose sense.

    thanks again,


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