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Working Title – Week 1

Working Title – Week 1
  • On February 1, 2018

This is an example of a work In progress report. This should be written throughout the week, beginning shortly after your tutorial with a reflection on the previous week and feedback from the tutorial.

State your aims of the week.

  • Try to learn to use welding machine
  • Research methods of controlling …
  • Design a…
  • Fabricate a…

Over the week provide a chronological presentation of progress in text, photos, drawings, visualisations, references to other work. Video and image material of references is encouraged. Use this article as a forum for sharing your thoughts.

Upload videos to your own Vimeo/Youtube accounts and paste links in. Use our template photoshop files film_psd . If you post with these templates we may also share your footage on the Labs Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Feeds.

Maintain high production standards when filming and photographing work. It does not take much time to clear a desk or space before you point a camera at something. These films may well feature in your portfolio too.

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