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Zaha Hadid, Tokyo Guggenheim

Zaha Hadid

The proposal by Zaha Hadid Architects offers a big, single space wrapped by a snakeskin like envelope, which is animated by a large integrated media-screen. The quality of the skin proposed has a snakeskin-like pixillation that allows the formally coherent integration of various surface performances.

The primary cladding material would be large scale ceramic tiles (offering smooth surfaces and brilliant colours). These would be interspersed by light-boxes which allow further daylight to penetrate the space as well as acting as artificial light source at night. Further panels would be photovoltaic elements. Finally Zaha Hadid Architects are proposing to embed a large media screen – in the form of honeycomb based “smart slabs”.

The media screen would nearly be camouflaged into the overall animation of the skin. Internally the skin operates according to the same concept but is aesthetically much more muted. Here light, ventilation and heating is incorporated within the pixel logic.

Zaha Hadid Sketch

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