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Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

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Tom Barker, an RCA graduate, runs b consultants ltd, an architectural consultancy responsible for the invention of an amazing multi media display system called SMARTSLABâ„¢. While working with Zaha Hadid on the Mind Zone at the Millennium Dome, Tom created a translucent, structural panel consisting of a honeycomb aluminium composite sandwiched between clear fiberglass resin. Fusing structure with media, he put LED‘s into the honeycomb cells creating a ‘high tech stained glass‘.

SMARTSLABâ„¢ is an amazing multimedia display system providing a unique digital canvas for design and communication. It is the world‘s toughest modular structural tile: it can support the weight of an elephant. It is a 60cm square tile that is both modular and structural. Few or many units can be combined to create small installations to huge display walls.

The system displays moving and still images and can be integrated as part of any wall or floor surface. Richard Rogers Partnership who are considering it for Heathrow‘s Terminal 5 and their Barcelona Bullring project are one of the various architecture firms now considering it. The most exciting to date, however, is Zaha Hadid‘s Tokyo Guggenheim with its 600 square metre display – the largest video wall in the world.


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