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A CA system of evolving rules ?

A CA system of evolving rules ?
Unexpected system diagram

For the trigger input, we all agree that predominantly tangible interaction is touch.

“Tactile interaction was largely their first instinct, followed by numerous body movements, such as clapping, waiving or jumping. ”(Edge of chaos) The interaction should be understandable and reflexive. For example, a spherical balloon makes people want to poke it, pinch it, pat it, hold it up… Or the form of interaction is from common sense, like having a button pressed or a seat seated. In addition to this direct contact, the sound of people walking towards, the sounds of people muttering, can also be captured signals.

As for the CA system installation, basically, there are two kind of outcome. Simple or only single rule so that it’s a bit regular that the observers are quite easily to recognise the control rules. The other is that system setting with different rules for several agencies or the rules are created with probabilistic for uncertain output.

Edge of chaos : Simulation results of implemented CA-based code. Depending on the probability ? of cells to become active, different behaviour can be achieved. The graph shows the percentage of activity for each probability averaged over 40 simulations each with 1000-time steps, in which ? = ?, ?? = ?? and ?? = ??. To illustrate the connectivity between cells used installation and the effect of the probability, a number of steps are shown for three cases with ? = ?, ? = ?.?? and ? = ?. Diagram: AMOLF. 
learning from the environment, tending to mimic the environment state. Enhancing the emotionally suggestive gestures. Each visitor may trigger the unit in different way, guiding the rule to various direction.
PIXI digital organism: The Pixi is a digital organism with a pulsating light. It makes its own choices, but is also influenced by environmental factors. The Pixies are designed to be self-sustaining so that they can survive in a natural environment.

Thinking about the controllable position of each balloon, changing the length of hanging pipe by motor may be a solution, but it might affect the pneumatic process. What if deforming the entire frame in the process of deflating to make the whole frame adaptive ?

Diagram for deployable structure
the event of a thread ann hamilton 
No two voices are alike. No event is ever the same. Each intersection in this project is both made and found. All making is an act of attention and attention is an act of recognition and recognition is the something happening that is thought itself. As a bird whose outstretched wings momentarily catch the light and change thought’s course, we attend the presence of the tactile and perhaps most importantly—we attend to each other. If on a swing, we are alone, we are together in a field. This condition of the social is the event of a thread. Our crossings with its motions, sounds, and textures is its weaving; is a social act.
This interaction way can directly influence the structure and frame
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